Form of Nomination


18 December, 1920


Kindly provided by Michael Meadowcroft, Honorary Archivist, National Liberal Club, London




In 1882 the National Liberal Club (NLC) was established on the inspiration of Welsh Liberal MP, Arthur Williams, under the patronage of Liberal politician and four-time Prime Minister William Gladstone (1809-98). The Clubhouse overlooks the Thames on Whitehall Place in London and cost almost £166,000 to build. Despite being described by Michael Meadowcroft, current honorary archivist of the NLC, as ‘more a place for politicians, artists, educationalists and writers, than scientists’, Joseph Mellor became a member in 1921. Mellor was nominated by Rudd Cheslett Rann and Albert Cliff, both of whom claimed that Mellor wasn’t really that keen a politician. Mellor often stayed at the Club or used it for meetings when visiting London.


Cabinet 12 Nomination form NLC.jpg


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