Opera Medicinalia


21 December 1484


Shoults Itc 1484 M
HC 11109*; BMC V, 390; Goff M514; Kaplan 333; ISTC im00514000


Venice: [Peregrinus de Pasqualibus, Bononiensis] for Dionysius Bertochus
Both Peregrinus de Pasqualibus Bononiensis and Dionysius Bertochus were resident in Vicenza in late 1483, and both moved to Venice sometime in the new year of 1484. The first book produced by de Pasqualibus at Venice was the Chrysoloras, dated 5 February 1484. Dionysius was associated with him from the beginning, although after 1486, de Pasqualibus worked alone. He later reappears at Scandiano.


Stamped pigskin covers (wormed). Tabs present. Clasp joints not present. Spine title reads: Joanis Messue/ Opera/ Omnia &C/ 1484.
First page of text proper, Incipit Antidotarium Nicolai plus tab (f.263a), binding, last page with colophon, detail of colophon.


Yuhanna Ibn Masawayh or Mesue (born 777) was one of the first prominent medieval Arabic physicians and head of the medical school at Baghdad. His works on pharmacy and materia medica, in particular, were some of the earliest texts translated into Latin and disseminated through Europe. He composed a considerable number of Arabic medical monographs, on topics including fevers, leprosy, melancholy, dietetics, eye diseases, and medical aphorisms. The name Mesu, or filius Mesu is associated with several influential Latin treatises, only some of which were actually written by Ibn Masawayh. This is his best known work.


Paper. [294] leaves ; 300 x 210 mm. (fol.).
Gothic type; double columns.
F.2a: In nomie dei misericordis cuius nutu fmo recipit gratiam et doctrina pfectione principiu uboz Joannis filii Mesuem...
Colophon: f.294a: Impressum adez venetijs: Anno salut MCCCC octuagesio quarto. duodecio vero Cale[n]das ianuarias sumptu et impensa Dionysu de bertochis de Bononia. [Variant as noted by Hain and recorded at BMC V: 390].
Rubricated throughout.
Leaves of index (at front) wanting; others some damage, including wormed and ripped.


1. Canon William Ardene Shoults
2. Selwyn College; Otago University Library




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