The Hard Light





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Auckland: Penguin; with kind permission


Robert Burns Fellow 1993: Stuart Hoar (b. 1957)

Stuart Hoar recalls his Fellowship year: ‘What a great year it was for me. I was made very welcome by the English Department and enjoyed living in Dunedin so much that I stayed on there until the beginning of 1997. The Fellowship meant I could write full time and so I produced two stage plays, a radio play, and also started researching a novel [“The Hard Light”] that was published in 1998.
I recently was in Dunedin for a brief stay and was reminded how much I enjoyed living in the city back then, and how much I enjoyed the landscape, the great countryside walks so near to the city, the surrounding beaches and having access to Central Otago. These experiences are now part of who I am. For me the Burns Fellowship was an honour and a wonderful experience (the two don’t always go together) for which I am very grateful. Long may it continue!


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