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Lower right (l.r.) with brush: D. Lusk ’40; label: QEII; label [crossed out]: This picture was painted in 1935 when the artist was still a student at the Dunedin School of Art

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: D. Lusk 41; verso in white paint superimposed over pencil: Tobacco fields, Nelson, N.Z. Doris Lusk 25 Ross St Dunedin; verso in pink crayon: C Brasch Dunedin; label: 20

Frequently exhibited with variant title, Crucifixion with lamp 1947.

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: Colin McCahon 41; verso with brush: Otago Harbour Colin McCahon 1941; verso in ink: oil on gesso 25 gns; verso in ink: 24 Prestwick St, Maori Hill, Dunedin; verso in ballpoint pen: 15gns; verso in pencil: 30 green…

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: McCahon … [date illeg]; through image with brush: I.N.R.I.

14 in The Jack & Ethel McCahon gift to the Hocken LibraryMcCahon writes: "Red baby. Watercolour. Signed vertically lower left McCahon 44 [sic] c. 24 x 20. (Anne & William) watercolour. Painted at Renwicktown, Blenheim - the red was a zoot suit thing.…

17 in The Jack & Ethel McCahon gift to the Hocken LibraryMcCahon writes: "The chestnut grove, Mahau Sound oil c. 14 1/2 x 20 1/2. Signed & dated Colin McCahon '44 but suggest date is wrong & should be rather earlier (ask R.E. Kennedy) A Cezanne…
03 in The Jack & Ethel McCahon gift to the Hocken LibraryMcCahon writes: "Below. From Flagstaff - (Taieri Plain oil 1942. c 15 x 22".

Lower right (l.r.): McCahon Jan ’48; through image: In loving memory of dear wee June who fell asleep 12th March 1935 aged 4 years and 9 months. Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven; verso stretcher: [hanging instructions, title] cat no 27.

Originally verso Nelson Hills 3 Separated, titled and accessioned, August 1989.

Lower right (l.r). in pencil: Evelyn Page; verso in pencil: Charles Brasch 536 12 New Year Holiday Evelyn Page.

Lower centre (l.c.) in ink: Peninsular landscape with lamp. McCahon; verso: indian ink sketch.

Lower centre (l.c.) in ink: 4YA. 4ZB Highcliff; l.r. in ink: McCahon.

Lower left (l.l.) in pencil: Mount Charles C. McCahon 1940 [paper manufacturer’s printed inscription].

Lower left (l.l.) in pencil: McCahon; c.l. in pencil: Peninsula. Little Harbour Cone & sandspit across Papanui Inlet; l.r. in pencil: drawing for the Fleischl picture.

Lower right (l.r.) in ink: Peninsular landscape, McCahon.

Lower right (l.r.) in ink: McCahon ’40; verso in pencil: Otago Peninsular landscape, Colin McCahon 1940; paper manufacturer’s printed inscription.

Lower centre (l.c.) in pencil: Saddle Hill. C. McCahon 1939.

Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: McCahon ’40; margin r. in pencil: from Portobello?; u.r.: [paper manufacturer’s printed inscription].

Upper right (u.r.) in pencil: for Rodney Kennedy’s landscape; c.r. in pencil: missing drawing from this sheet with R.N. O’Reilly; inscribed through image in blue & black ink: artist’s notes; verso: fragment of painting.

Lower left (l.l.) in pencil: McCahon í40; through in pencil: grid lines; verso in pencil: Harbour Cone, Observatory, Ravensbourne Wharf 45.

Lower right (l.r.) in ink: Harbour Cone, McCahon.

Lower centre (l.c.) in ink: Peninsular landscape with Harbour Cone; l.r. in ink: McCahon.
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