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This is one of McCahon's major works of the mid-1970s, along with the Urewera Mural, the Blind series, and the Parihaka Triptych. It has several motivations and triggers. The primary one is the shining cuckoo's song, spoken of in a Maori poem passed…

12 in The Jack & Ethel McCahon gift to the Hocken LibraryMcCahon writes: "Landscape from North end of Tomahawk beach, Dunedin. 9 3/4 x 11 1/2. watercolour. Signal hill in distance. These two date mid 30s - the bottom one I like-"

Lower left (l.l.) in ballpoint pen: D. Lusk 1966; verso: Holland 2 30

Lower right (l.r.) in ballpoint pen: D. Lusk 1966; verso mount: Wharf, Onekaka, Nelson (hightide). Doris Lusk 1966 Jan

Lower right (l.r). in pencil: Evelyn Page; verso in pencil: Charles Brasch 536 12 New Year Holiday Evelyn Page.

Lower right (l.r.) with brush in red paint: G.P. [ligated, vertical] Nerli; label: St Clair Beach, Dunedin, N.Z. [undated press clipping about Nerli]; label: Fisher & Son, Christchurch; label: 146 with brush: D. Lusk ’47; verso with brush:…

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: W. Handcock S.R.A.; on original mount in pencil: The Ocean Beach, Dunedin.

"[Field's] ideas on painting had been influenced by the Post-Impressionists to the extent of allowing heightened colour and a degree of flattening and formal interest in the constructin of the imagery. Anywhere else Field would not have seemed…

Lower left (l.l.) in ink: Camp. Alexander’s farm. Jan.y 20 65

Lower left (l.l.) - lower right (l.r.) in pencil: The beach at Tauranga 26 April 64. Mt Monganui. The Wily Man, the Sailor, the Harrier, Falcon, Esk; verso: 31

Lower left (l.l.) in pencil: Beach and Sugar Loaves, New Plymouth; verso: 17

Lower left (l.l.) in pencil: Your Special Correspondent by the sad sea waves, Taranaki, 2 July 1864

Lower left (l.l.) - lower right (l.r.) in pencil: 3. A stroll on the beach - M.t Egmont in the distance - 16 Feb.y 65 Daybreak after marching all Night Wanganui Campaign; on sketchbook mount: this is the only time I myself ever saw troops marching…

A: vertically right in crayon: Victory Beach; verso: [reverse image in pencil]; b: l.l. - l.r. in crayon & wax crayon: Aue Victory Aue; verso: [reverse image in pencil]; c.: l.l. - l.r. in crayon & wax crayon: Aue Victory Aue; verso: [reverse image…

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.T. Thomson 1870; on canvas verso: Ocean Beach, Dunedin 1870; label verso: Ocean Beach from Lawyer’s Head 1870; label frame: J.T. Thomson for exhibition only

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: JTT 1881; label recto: Riverton Bay, west side. 1881; on canvas verso: Riverton Bay, west side. 1881; label verso: T.T. Thomson for exhibition only

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: 1865; on mount in pencil: Ocean Beach. Dunedin 1865

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.T.T. 1877; on mount in pencil: Wai-iti, Nelson. 1 May 77

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.T.T. 1877; on mount in pencil: Westport. 15 Sept 76

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.T.T. 1878; on mount in pencil: Bamborough Castle from the Harkus Rocks From a photograph 1878

Lower left (l.l.) in ink: Bamborough castle from the beach; in pencil: 1855

Lower left (l.l.) in ink: 1847; on mount in ink: Singapore from Campong Glam.

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: E Anscombe July 1891; verso: artist’s name & title on torn label

Margin below image in pencil: Geo.B. Shaw; margin below image in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand superimposed over pencil: View of Dunedin from Church Hill, looking towards Ocean Beach, November 1851.
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