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Upper right (u.r.) in ballpoint pen: Stage designs for Art Gal.y Ballet 1955; u.r. in pencil: Gall.y Ballet.

Upper right (u.r.) in ballpoint pen: Art Gall.y Ballet 1955; u.r. in pencil: romantic ballet; l.l. in black crayon: McCahon.

Lower left (l.l.) in black crayon: McCahon; in ballpoint pen: 1955; u.r. in ballpoint pen: Ar. Gall.y Ballet; u.r. in pencil obscured: [staging instructions].

Upper right (u.r.) in pencil: To open & close, house lights on.

Lower left (l.l.) with chalk: McCahon 55; u.l. in chalk: Festival Ballet for the Art Gallery; verso in chalk: [plan of stage]

Verso each pair in pencil: A B C D [respectively].

Upper left (u.l.) with brush: [title]; u.r. with brush: McCahon; l.c. in ballpoint pen: lighting instructions; l.r. in pencil: Colin McCahon, March ’54; verso: preliminary sketch in gouache
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