April 1939


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New York: Street and Smith Publications


James Francis Graves Gladney (1907-76) painted almost 300 covers in his career and his first published illustration appeared in Fortune Magazine (1936). Gladney’s covers were ‘realistic’ and usually echoed the action from within the story. His father started the 7-UP soft drink company and upon his death Gladney inherited the hugely successful company with his siblings. L. Ron Hubbard’s The Ultimate Adventure is just one of the pulp stories he had published in the 1930s. Hubbard (1911-86) is more famous for establishing the ‘religion’ of Scientology in the early 1950s. Scientologists believe that ‘Xenu’ – an alien – brought millions of people to Earth 75 million years ago and that humans are ‘thetans’ – ‘immortal alien spiritual beings’. This is a SF story of its own!


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