City of a Thousand Suns




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Jack Gaughan (1930-85) is described by Vincent di Fate in Infinite Worlds as a ‘great conceptualist’. While his style wasn’t as polished as some SF artists’ work, Gaughan was able to capture the essence of the story within. He was a SF fan from childhood and greatly admired the SF artist, Hannes Bok (1914-64), who later taught him. With the publication of Jack Vance’s novella, The Dragon Masters, in 1962, Gaughan shot to fame for his cover and interior art for the story. He won Hugos for Best Fan Artist and Best Professional Artist in the same year, 1967. Gaughan illustrated covers for some of the greats: John Brunner, Samuel R. Delany, and E. E. ‘Doc’ Smith.


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