[Engravings of buildings of Rome by Rossi and Falda (1650-1684)]




de Beer Itd 1690 R


[Rome: Giovanni Giacomo de’ Rossi]


Built on the site of a ruined first century athletics venue, the Piazza Navona (a large ship, from the water) is as popular today as a tourist destination as it was in the 17th century. Every weekend in August from 1652 to 1866 the drains of one of the fountains in the Piazza were blocked causing a lake to form. Romans and tourists would drive their carriages and their horses through it or promenade around the edges of the temporary lake. Needless to say the state of the water at the end of the weekend was certainly not suitable for swimming. Note the food stalls set up around the edges of the lake in this 17th century engraving.


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