Les Delices de l’Italie




de Beer Lb 1706 R


[Leiden]: Pierre Vander Aa


Rome has been an important centre for Christianity since the early years of the first millennium. The Emperor Constantine (272-337), a Christian convert, commissioned the building of the original St Peter’s Basilica in the early 4th century and the replacement building that stands there today was consecrated in 1626. Popes have lived in the Vatican since the late 14th century. This engraving shows the Pope opening a ‘holy door’ in the Basilica in a Jubilee year. Jubilee years have been celebrated since 1300, occurring every 25 years or so since 1450. During this time pilgrims pass through the door and are miraculously absolved of sin and receive a ‘universal pardon’.


Cabinet 17 Pope.jpg


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