Deuxième Expédition Antarctique Franc̜aise (1908-1910)





Expeditions (Special Collections) Q115 E873 1908


Paris: Masson


French Antarctic Expedition, 1908-10. Led by Dr Jean Charcot aboard the ship Pourquoi-pas?, the party left Le Havre in August, 1908 and reached Antarctica in December. Again, like the French Antarctic Expedition, 1903-05, Charcot and his crew charted and named various islands and during the voyage Charcot discovered the charts he had made in 1903-05 were being used by whalers in the region. The winter of 1909 was spent at Port Circumcision where they carried out scientific observations. Charcot and his crew left Antarctica in January, 1910, and reached France in June of that year. The data collected during the voyage took ten years to write up and publish. Charcot was highly commended for his efforts in Antarctica. In September, 1936, Charcot was unfortunately drowned when his boat was wrecked off the coast of Iceland.


French 1908-10 Whales.jpg


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