Letter to the Dean, Medical School, University of Otago


19 February 1966


Prof Angus Ross Papers: Papers relating to Pharmacy accommodation, MS-1050/029. Hocken Archives and Manuscripts





By 1966 it was already clear that pharmacy was desperately in need of more space for its students and staff. Prof Fastier determinedly advocated, within the university, for an increase in the space given to pharmacy. One solution to this problem was the purchase of the Knox Sunday School building. In this letter to the Dean of the Medical School, Fastier clearly outlines the very real problems pharmacy was facing and the long-term effect that could have on the quality of teaching and the retention of staff.
Student numbers were increasing and by 1968 the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy was spread across six buildings. Accommodation would continue to be an issue that constrained the development of pharmacy within the University.


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