A journey into Greece

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A Camelion
Detail. Wheler, George, Sir, 1650-1723.
A journey into Greece ...

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Special Collections de Beer Ec/1682/W


London : printed for William Cademan, Robert Kettlewell, and Awnsham Churchill, at the Popes Head in the New-Exchange, the Hand and Scepter in Fleetstreet, and the Black Swan near Amen-Corner


Dedicated to the King, this volume displays a reasonably early interest in natural history. Indeed, because Dr. Spon had published his account in French a decade earlier, and because an English bookseller had brought out a translation, Wheler had to insert new material into his account to differentiate it from his companion's work. The new material was largely on plants and medallions, but this image of the chameleon is one of the more exotic and intriguing of Wheler's contributions. Wheler's work was in turn published in French in Amsterdam in 1689.


Spon, Jacob, 1647-1685
Cademan, William
Kettlewell, Robert
Churchill, Awnsham, -1728


A journey into Greece, by George Wheler Esq; in company of Dr Spon of Lyons. In six books. Containing I. A voyage from Venice to Constantinople. II. An account of Constantinople and the adjacent places. III. A voyage through the Lesser Asia. IV. A voyage from Zant through several parts of Greece to Athens. V. An account of Athens. VI. Several journeys from Athens, into Attica, Corinth, BÅ“otia, &c. With variety of sculptures.

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Indexed in: Wing (CD-ROM, 1996), W1607




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