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Le terme dei Romani


Alternative Title

Le terme dei Romani / disegnate da Andrea Palladio ; e ripubblicate con la giunta di alcune osservazioni da Ottavio Bertotti Scamozzi giusta l'esemplare del Lord Conte di Burlingthon impresso in Londra l'anno 1732

Date Created



Itb 1797 P [de Beer Special Collections]


Per Giovanni Rossi: In Vicenza


This drawing of Diocletian's Baths can be traced to Andrea Palladio. The Bertotti-Scamozzi illustrations in this volume follow those included by the English architect, Lord Burlington, in his study of the Baths of the Romans, Fabbriche Antiche (1730). These in turn were based upon drawings by Palladio that the Englishman had acquired in Italy some years earlier. Bertotti-Scamozzi had earlier published several volumes documenting Palladio's buildings.


Bertotti Scamozzi, Ottavio
Burlington, Richard Boyle
Gaal de Gyula, Nico
Palladio, Andrea
Rossi, Giovanni


Palladio, Andrea, “Le terme dei Romani,” | OUR Heritage, accessed July 6, 2022,

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