Into the Thirties: Style and Design 1927-1934




Private Collection- No call number


London: Thames and Hudson


Oamaru bookbinder, Michael O’Brien designed and made this binding as his entry for the 1987 Designer Bookbinders of London annual competition. The title and subject of the book, Into the Thirties: Style and Design 1927-1934, is echoed in the Art Deco style of the binding. The book is bound in black goatskin and the colour of the sewn endbands mirror the iridescent colours of the paua shell inlaid on the front. The narrow chrome plate, also inlaid on the front, and the graduating curves of the front and back boards are an allusion to the style which was ubiquitous in the 1930s. The binding won joint second prize at the competition with no first prize being awarded.


Book 2.jpg


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