Te Wananga

Alternative Title

Te Wananga, 5 Hanuere (January) 1878.

Date Created

5 Hanuere (January) 1878.




Williams Collection, W. 504
Hocken Library


Te Wananga (The Forum) was 'owned, printed and published by Maori' and carried in its columns news, information on land transactions in the Hawkes Bay, grievances, and possible means of redress. The driving force behind the paper was Karaitiana Takamoana and Henare Tomonana, and for most of the newspaper's life (179 issues: 5 August 1874 to 21 December 1878), it was financed by Henry Russell. In general_items it was a bitter opponent of the government-sponsored Te Waka Maori o Niu Tirani (The Maori Canoe of New Zealand).While no Maori newspaper was established in the South Island, this particular issue details a letter towards such an initiative. The letter is signed by Mathia Tiramorehu, Rawiri Temamaru and five others.




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