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University of Otago Medical Library - Monro Collection - M53


Knaplock, Robert, d. 1737


"The Preface.
In the Contemplation of Nature we meet with nothing that affords us a more invincible Argument of the Wisdom of the Divine Architect, than the Structure and Composition of Animal Bodies; nor is this Infinite Understanding less manifested in the Instruments of Voluntary Motion, than in any other Parts whatever of the Animal Body.
No wonder therefore, that Anatomical Disquisitions should be exceedingly entertaining ..." (Cowper, 1724, Preface).

"Of the Muscles of the Back and Loins.
It would be very tedious and of little Use to insert all the different Accounts Anatomists have given us of these Muscles; and the variety we have found in several Subjects, inclines us to think, that scarcely three in ten are exactly alike in this respect ... However, we shall endeavour to give as distinct an Account of them as possible; and in order thereunto, we shall consider them as Common to the Back and Loins, or Proper to either of them" (Cowper, 1724, Chap. XXIV).


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Myotomia reformata, or, An anatomical treatise on the muscles of the human body. Illustrated with figures after the life. By the late Mr. William Cowper ... To which is prefix’d an introduction concerning muscular motion (London, R. Knaplock [etc.] 1724).

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Myotomia reformata




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