New-Zealand festival. Day & Haghe, to the Queen, London.

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The New-Zealand festival. Day & Haghe, to the Queen, London. Hobart Town, Van Diemans Land, Published by Samuel August Tegg. 1845.

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Hocken Pictorial Collections - 12,229


Printed key: Mount Hobson. Mount Eden, the land for miles round these two mountains have been purchased by Europeans from the Natives and being excellent soil it promises to be covered with farms in twelve or eighteen months. Captain Scotts farm. The Tribe called Nga ti Awa with their huts. The Tribes called Nga ti Kulda and Nga ti Ruru. The Tribe called Nga ti Koroki, this last and the above named tribes travelled 150 miles to be present at the entertainment. A body of Christian Natives who were separated from the rest of their Countrymen and who were remarkable for their orderly conduct, celebrating their morning and evening services every day during the feast. The Tribes who gave the Feast carrying out provisions to their guests. The Tribe Nga ti Mahula the Chief of this tribe is the Te Werho werho the greatest in Waikato. Handkerchiefs and shawls hung up for flags. The blanket tents containing 250 pair given as presents to the Guests. An immense quantity of dried sharks, some thousnads intended as food for the Guests. Eptha, a Native Chief on his own horse. The Chief Police Magistrate. Part of the Nga ti Watua Tribe, welcoming His Excellency the Governor and Suite. His Excellency, Capt.n Fitzroy. M.r Sheppard the Colonial Treasurer. W. Swainson tha Attorney General. A group of Native Chiefs following His Excellency and Suite. The Three Kings; label in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Given by the Ngatiata to the Ngatimaniapoto, Ngatimahuta & Ngatiapa at Remuera, Auckland in May 1844. It lasted a week & was visited by Gov.r Fitzroy & many settlers. 4,000 natives were present. The ground was dotted with flags & tents. A shed, 400 yards long, was covered with blankets. There were 11,000 baskets of potatoes, 9000 sharks, besides flour, rice, sugar, tobacco &c. There were numerous presents of guns & about 1000 blankets. The whole cost about £1,000. The Chief Police Magistrate was Felton Mathew (14) Dr Andrew Sinclair the Aboriginal Sec.y was probably (17). Merrett was the artist. T.M. Hocken; label: Na Te Hakena Tenei Tiki.


245 x 960 mm


tinted lithograph, hand finished in colour on paper


Dr T.M. Hocken’s Collection.


Dr T.M. Hocken’s Collection.




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