The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments.




De Beer Eb 1760 C


Printed by John Baskerville


A book label is a printed paper label carrying the name of the book owner. Often they are unadorned and unpretentious. However, here is a leather, gilt-edged book label belonging to Mrs M. Pimlowe. An inscription within reveals the book’s history. In essence, it was presented to Mrs M. Pimlowe by Queen Charlotte of England after the birth of the Prince of Wales. Pimlowe had nursed the Queen at the birth of the Prince. Some years after, she married Mr Edward Burbidge of Aynhoe who survived her. After the death of Mr Burbidge the book passed to John Martin Watson of Aynhoe, who left it to John Harris Jnr, Esquire of Deddington. The armorial bookplate is that of John Hyde Harris (1826–1886), the lawyer who became Mayor of Dunedin.


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