Sibylline Leaves: A Collection of Poems.




De Beer Eb 1817 C



Rest Fenner


Sibylline Leaves is a chaotic gathering of materials that was formed by S. T. Coleridge after they were left out of his classic Biographia Literaria (1814-15). Perhaps its compilation mirrored the author’s own state: depression, drug addiction, and family estrangement. Despite this flaw, it is important piece in the poet’s canon. Genevieve Ludlow Griscom (1868-1958) obviously felt drawn to this work. Married to Clement Acton Griscom Jr., an American executive whose company made ship heaters, she was heavily involved in the Theosophical Society. She was also a member of a religious order called the Outer Court of the Order of the Living Christ. In 1928, she financed the building of a mansion in Riverdale, Bronx, a place designed for Jesus Christ to live after the Second Coming. The mansion had a library. How many other books owned by her remains unknown.


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