Praenestes Antiqvae libri dvo




Shoults Itb 1655 B



Angeli Bernabo, Haerdis Manelsi Manelsij


Bookplates are small printed labels that are usually pasted onto the inside front cover of a book. They signify ownership. Often the Latin Ex libris is present, which means ‘from the books or library of’. Even though bookplates display a marked individuality in their design, many of the earlier ones have a marked similarity, especially depicting the coats of arms of owners. This book on the antiquities of Palestrina, by the prelate and antiquarian Joseph Marie Suarès (1599-1677), carries an unidentified coat of arms on its cover. In addition, the title-page contains a printed copy of the famed ‘bee’ coat of arms belonging to Maffeo Barberini (1631-1685), to whom as Prince of Palestrina, the book was dedicated. Suarès was at one stage librarian of the famed Barberini library in Rome.


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