Sweeping the Courtyard: The Selected Poems of Michael Harlow





Central PR9641 H365 A6 2014


Lyttelton, New Zealand: Cold Hub Press; with kind permission


Robert Burns Fellow 2009: Michael Harlow (b. 1937)

Michael Harlow is many things: a Jungian therapist, a poet, a librettist, and a publisher. In a report written on his Burns year, Harlow describes his tenure as ‘splendid’ and that he relished the opportunity to ‘get down to the creative business of writing’. He particularly valued ‘being an active part of the university community (and the community-at-large), where words and ideas keep flying about looking for a place to settle’.
In the report, he thanks the English Department support staff, and remarks on his enjoyment of the library as a resource centre. ‘Stop-Time: Galata Kebabci/Dunedin’ was surely inspired by his time in Dunedin as the Robert Burns Fellow.


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