Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy



First published 1978


Dartmouth Book Arts Workshop



Printed by Anne Peale


Anne Peale speaks to her Hitchhiker’s Guide printings: ‘At Dartmouth, I was an English major and a Spanish minor. I took the Book Arts Course because I had been visiting the letterpress studio in my spare evenings since my freshman fall. I was thrilled at the chance to pursue my work in the studio and bindery for course credit… I’ve loved the Hitchhiker’s Guide since my Dad first read it to me…[and] it seemed fitting to pair its absurd humor with a technology which requires hours of fiddling over apparently obsolescent machinery. Though they acknowledge the traditions and conventions of letterpress printing, the aim of these two pieces was to boldly split infinitives - and to playfully challenge a few assumptions about letterpress - where none had been split before.’ After graduation, Peale was a Lathem Fellow at Dartmouth’s Rauner Special Collections Library. She is now completing a PhD in historical geography at Edinburgh and plans to pursue a career in special collections librarianship.


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