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Lower left (l.l.) with brush: Hodgkins; label: Bourlet & Son, London; label: City of Manchester Art Gallery 15137; label: Double Portrait by Frances Hodgkins lent by Jane Saunders, 12 Victoria Rd Fallow Weld, Manchester; label: Isle of Purbeck Arts…

Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: M.D.S. 70; label on front of mount: 284

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: MDS 72; on label: 287 (18.11.75) Smither portrait oil; stamp: Peter McLeavey Art Dealer Wellington 1975; inscribed: 1975 Exhib cat. 4

Verso: MDS 70; verso frame: oil on hardboard Janine

Lower right (l.r.) with brush: J Tensfeld 1868[?3]; verso mount: I-8753; label: Reed & Co, 49 Collins St., East Melbourne

Lower left (l.l.) in ink: 1853; on mount in ink: Woman of the Sumnali Tribe, Aden

Lower left (l.l.) in ink: 1848; on mount in ink: A Mintera of Salangore, Malay Peninsula; through image in pencil: A Mintera woman Salangore, Malay Peninsula

Lower left (l.l.) in ink: 1848; on mount in ink: Bugis of Waju, Celebes; through image in pencil: Bugis of Waju, Celebes

Lower left (l.l.) with brush: J.T.T. 1878; on mount in pencil: Honolulu, Sandwich Islands 5 Dec 77

Watermark: Ö JETÖ[?]; label verso in ballpoint pen, inscribed for donor by Noel Ginn: Portrait Lilian Kennedy by M.T. Woollaston for Hocken Library; Hocken

Attributed to Girolamo Pieri Nerli, 1860-1926.

Lower left (l.l.) ink: Hotere; label: R. Hotere Woman study 1 no 48 [erased] 1131.

Lower right (l.r.) in ink: Hotere Nice, C

Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: Hotere 70 70; verso in ballpoint pen: Woman. Ralph Hotere Dunedin 1970; label verso mount: Tinakori Gallery…

Lower left (l.l.) in ink: Hotere 69; verso mount in ballpoint pen: The Garden Party. P. France 1976; verso mount in fibre tipped pen: Hocken Library.

Verso composite board backing in felt pen, artist’s hand: Return to Otago. Sept. 1987. Doris Lusk. Oil on canvas; label verso in ballpoint pen, inscribed for donor by Noel Ginn: Return to Dunedin. Series of Doris Lusk paintings. Portrait of Anne…

Lower right (l.r.): Rita Angus.

Lower centre (l.c.) in pencil: Christmas 1969; verso: To Colin, Anne and Family. Love and greetings from Doris. I look forward to seeing you all in January
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