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Note in ink in Dr Hocken's hand on bottom left corner: Though the N.Z. Company in 184[?] set up an influential committee in Dublin including the Lord Mayor, Archbishop Whateley, and the Provost of Trinity College but little Irish emigration left for…

Regulations To Be observed On Board The Emigrant Ships.jpg
Note in ink in Dr Hocken's hand at top: These comprehensive regulations vary slightly from those in the adjoining frame. Mr Bridges, the secretary of the Plymouth Board, succeeded Mr H.S. Chapman (afterwards Judge C.) in 1843 as editor of the 'New…


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Public Meeting - Otago New Zealand.jpg
Portion on right missing.

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Dr Hocken's signature on top right corner.

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Note on verso: Removed from Otago Guardn. 5 Jan 1877.

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