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"Near to the afflux of the Tchang-ho with the Cha-ho, river of floodgates, or imperial canal, is a splendid octagonal pagoda : it consists of nine stories, adorned with projecting eves, and it tapers with a remarkably gradual and graceful…

Verso in pencil: Ohinemutu pa on Lake Rotorua; on mount in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: View from Orakau Maunga-Tautiri, with natives digging in the foreground. Ohinemutu pa on Lake Rotorua. T.M. Hocken. The morere or swing. A favourite game. Given to…

Margin below image in ink: Morere or Swing; verso in pencil: Morere or Swing; on mount in ink in Dr Hocken

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