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Lower right (l.r.) in pencil: The dog in the manger; u.l. in pencil: 8; u.c. in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: The Rev. Thomas Burns does not welcome the advent of the Rev. John Albert Fenton, clergyman of the Church of England who arrives January 1,…

Upper left (u.l.) in pencil: 14; through image in pencil: 20s per Bushel; l.c. in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: In time of some scarcity of food the Rev. Thomas Burns was applied to to sell flour from his farm at Grant’s Braes. (now) He refers…

Margin above image in ink in Dr Hocken’s hand: Key plan to Mr G.B. Shaw’s View of part of Dunedin &c from Stafford St. Nov 1851; through image in ink: [numerals] 1. Rev. T. Burns’ farm, Grant Braes (now Waverley.) 2. Anderson’s Bay, figure…

Lower left (l.l.) each image with brush: JTT 1879; on mount in pencil: J.T. Thomson Del.t 1879.Three Otago worthies: His Honour Captain Cargill; Sir John Richardson; Rev.d Dr Burns, D.D.

Margin below image in ink: T.M. Hocken; label: Na Te Hakena Tenei Tiki.

On original mount in ink: Reproduced from a sketch painted in 1853-54 by Capt.n The Hon.ble E.H.W. Bellairs by T.W. Eyton; on original mount in ink in Dr Hockenís hand: Sketch of Dunedin & harbour from the S., say from about Fernhill where Cap.…

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