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The catalogue was complied by William Benham (1860-1950), Professor of Biology a the University of Otago. Only the pages relating to botany charts have been digitised. The original item also records details of charts relating to human and animal…

John Gerard's reputation rests principally upon his Herball or generall historie of plants (1597). It was not original. It was based on the work of Rembert Dodoens and de L'Obel. It does however contain original gardening advice, based on Gerard's…

Walter Boa Brockie (1897-1972) was the curator of the Otari Open-air Native Plant Museum from 1947 to 1962, following Leonard Cockayne (1926-1934). He had a special interest in alpine plants, having worked with James McPherson on the development of…

Houston describes himself as 'an intelligent member of the Otago Provincial Council viz A miners representative & practical digger & storekeeper at Gabriel's Gully'
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