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An extract from the 1989 Capping Show called Peter’s Pantomime. The clip records the performance by the Selwyn Ballet, New Zealand’s oldest ballet company. The Selwyn Ballet is only open to male members of Selwyn College.

Upper right (u.r.) in ballpoint pen: Stage designs for Art Gal.y Ballet 1955; u.r. in pencil: Gall.y Ballet.

Upper right (u.r.) in ballpoint pen: Art Gall.y Ballet 1955; u.r. in pencil: romantic ballet; l.l. in black crayon: McCahon.

Lower left (l.l.) in black crayon: McCahon; in ballpoint pen: 1955; u.r. in ballpoint pen: Ar. Gall.y Ballet; u.r. in pencil obscured: [staging instructions].

Upper right (u.r.) in pencil: To open & close, house lights on.

Lower left (l.l.) with chalk: McCahon 55; u.l. in chalk: Festival Ballet for the Art Gallery; verso in chalk: [plan of stage]

Verso each pair in pencil: A B C D [respectively].

Upper left (u.l.) with brush: [title]; u.r. with brush: McCahon; l.c. in ballpoint pen: lighting instructions; l.r. in pencil: Colin McCahon, March ’54; verso: preliminary sketch in gouache
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