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Enchiridion Geistliker Leder unde Psalmen (1536)





Special Collections M2138 E5 1994



Atlanta: Scholars Press


On the engraving of Luther in Special Collections’ copy of Herōologia Anglica, there is a note: ‘Composer of the old Hundred Psalms’. Luther ranked music second only to theology. He was an accomplished lute and flute player. He also loved singing. He saw it as a powerful teaching tool, and an activity that promoted congregational participation. He also wrote songs. Between 1523 and 1524 he produced no fewer than forty hymns, some of which, like Eine feste Burg ist unser Gott (A Mighty Fortress Is Our God) and Christ lag in Todesbanden (Christ Lay in Death’s Bondage) are still sung today. This facsimile of the rare original (printed in Magdeburg in 1536) shows various hymnals written by Luther in Low German.


Facsimile edition by Stephen A. Crist, “Enchiridion Geistliker Leder unde Psalmen (1536),” | OUR Heritage, accessed December 12, 2019,

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