Tui or Parson Bird Prosthemadera Novae Zealandiae. From: 'A history of the birds of New Zealand' by Walter Lawry Buller | OUR Heritage

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Hippocamelus bisulcus - South Andean deer

Potamolithus - Freshwater snails

Scutellaria nummulariaefolia; Satureia darwinii

Azorella caespitosa - Azorella flowering plant; Anemone multifida - Pacific anemone

Diporophora bilineata - Two-lined dragon; Lophognathus gilbertii - Gilbert's dragon

Bernicla inornata - Upland or Magellan Goose (female)

Thinornis novae seelandiae - Shore Dotterel or Shore Plover

Hapalotis longicaudata - Long-tailed Hopping Mouse; Hapalotis melanura - Brush-tailed Rabbit Rat

Hapalotis albipes - White-footed Rabbit-rat; Hapalotis richardsonii - Richardson's Kangaroo-rat

Antechinus alpibes - White-footed Antechinus; Antechinus leucopus; Antechinus apicalis

Antechinus crassicaudata - Fat-tailed dunnart; Antechinus flavipes - Yellow-footed antechinus or mardo; Phasocogale calurus - Red-tailed phascogale or Red-tailed wambenger

Eudyptes [Pygoscelis] antarctica - Chinstrap penguin

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